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Batting Partnerships

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1128 Simon Dumaresq - Samuel Droscher Glen Iris Cricket ClubLOC 1 (McCarthy Shield)6 1 Ashburton Willows
2125 Dimitri Deane - Tom McDermott Glen Iris Cricket ClubWright Shield3 1 Heathmont
3142 William McCredie - Tasman Tudor Glen Iris Cricket ClubE Turf (Cohen Shield)11 1 East Malvern Tooronga
4169 Daniel Hutton - Shaun Morris Glen Iris Cricket ClubKookaburra T20 Cup ( 1 St James Malvern Valley
568 Adam Muirhead - Shane Kelly Glen Iris Cricket ClubE Turf (Cohen Shield)4 1 Richmond Union
675 James Byrne - Nick Jane Glen Iris Cricket ClubA Turf (Sturgess Shield)9 1 Old Carey Cricket Club
7126 Nathan Boucher - Joshua Willmott Glen Iris Cricket ClubSunday Turf7 1 North Balwyn
884 Viv Buckley - Shane Kelly Glen Iris Cricket ClubA Turf (Sturgess Shield)12 1 La Trobe University
9No partnerships of 25 runs or greater     
1053 Ben McDonell - Kevan Richards Glen Iris Cricket ClubLOC 4 (Tobias Shield)4 1 Boroondara

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